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An island in PARIS to relax and restore


Spa-Jet ™, the cocoon multisensory and Multifunction

Become one with water ... let yourself be overwhelmed by an unprecedented feeling of well-being and physical ... enter the universe SPA-JET ™

A synergy of 12 functions to enjoy a relaxing sensory experience exceptional

The Technology

The Hammam :

the hydrofusion ™, special patented technology combines the long infrared radiation by Steam and Steam Room. Water vapor, gentle, warm and enveloping the body of a layer of condensation.Its therapeutic action is naturally reinforced by that of the Infrared Feature, which penetrate the skin layers more deeply. The body temperature rises and so pleasant, the blood and lymphatic circulation are activated, the pores dilate, sweating is encouraged and the natural ability of self-cleansing of the body is increased by promoting the elimination of toxins.

The diffusion of essential oils through steam hammam reinforces the benefits.


The dual system of Hydrotherapy:

Hydro massage shower + bath, with 22 directional jets for complete relaxation and focused body. The Spa-Jet ™ offers a massage sequential areas through its Vichy shower (10 jet over the body) associated with 10 jets in the body and 2 jets under the arch. 3 programs Shower ablutions and 6 programs under the body jets are available, along with 2 modes of Scottish shower jets alternating hot and cold water.

The Jacuzzi Spa-Jet ™ helps the body eliminate waste, stimulates metabolism and immune system.


Tailored to individual needs depending on the treatment chosen (circulatory, relaxing, draining, ...), essential oils released on double diffusion system Spa-Jet ™ stimulates the body by smell but also by their ability to penetrate the skin.

The Oligotherapy

The distribution of trace elements via a unique misting system can mineralize in the sprinkler system and thus offer treatments similar to those offered in spa treatments.

The Chromatherapy

Emanating from the translucent structure, the influence of colors, released by the 6 stations-emitting diode, has a positive effect on psyche and plunges the body and mind in a state of harmony and balance total. Blue known for its calming effect and de-stressing, the red light stimulating and energizing, through yellow, purple, green ...

The Music Therapy

The Spa-Jet ™ enables streaming music inside the device, providing an experience of total relaxation and optimization of care.




Lasting 30 minutes at 1:30


Massages provided by the shower bath, the jets and vibratory massage bed, all in the enchanting atmosphere of the enchanting aroma of essential oils, soothing music and the magic of colors, leaves the body and mind in absolute relaxation.

Thinning - Detoxification

The combination of different treatments can:

  • burn calories through thermogenesis
  • stimulate blood circulation and metabolism
  • drain toxins and excess liquids

Strengthened by the application of products for slimming and draining, the different functions will enable effective flavonoids tissues and thus accelerated the process of thinning.


Moisturizers - Firming - remineralization

The Spa-Jet ™ allows penetration and efficiency of assets contained in the various wraps. The natural assets contained in the various wraps, whose effectiveness is enhanced by the action of hydrofusion, promote hydration, remineralization and smooth the skin.



The Spa-Jet ™ increases the effectiveness of anti-aging and stimulates collagen synthesis through activation of the microcirculation, thus giving the skin a smooth texture and youthful.

Cleaning and relaxation

The steam associated with steam bath aromatherapy helps deep clean the skin and relax the face.

40 € the session 1 / 2 hours - 5 sessions package 190 €
Tea provided

The massages offered at this institution are not a medical or paramedical activity

In one of our individual cabins, comfortably lying on a massage table, skimming the waves, lulled by soft music, let your eyes settle on the wonderful landscape that requires your eyes:
barges on the Seine, the Bois de Boulogne, the swans at the windows ... while a professional takes care of your back and tension ...
02/15/2010 - 13:11
Become one with water ... let yourself be overwhelmed by an unprecedented feeling of well-being and physical ... enter the universe SPA-JET ™

A synergy of 12 functions to enjoy a relaxing sensory experience exceptional
02/15/2010 - 13:53